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The Passages project is now complete.

Passages was a performance project created as part of my research into various aspects of theatre lighting processes. The performance explored the life and work of the German-Jewish writer and critic Walter Benjamin.

Further information, including an archive of the original project website, can be found at

‘The Operator Connects’, an online mixed media essay that describes aspects of the research, can be found here.

Other publications related to the Passages project include:

  • Hunt, Nick. 2011. Lighting on the Hyperbolic Plane. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 7, no. 1: 205-220.
  • Hunt, Nick. 2013a. The Virtuosity of the Lighting Artist: Designer or Performer?, in Light - A Reader in Theatre Practice, ed. Scott Palmer, 232-240. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Hunt, Nick. 2013b. Exosomatic (Light) Organ: creating and using an ‘expressive instrument’ for theatre lighting control. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 9, no. 2: 295-313.

If you are a REF reviewer looking for The Operator Connects, please click here.